About Us

We enjoy the sport of purebred dogs, as a family. We spend a great deal of time just being a part of each other's lives. We are blessed with three children. Michael, age 24, Gia age 22, and Tori, our married daughter age 42. She lives a short distance away, in the same Township, with her husband, Ron, and our precious granddaughter, Jade, age 8.

Michael is working full time now as the Manager of a small eat in and take out restaurant in the area. He is also a full time student and about to finish up his College Degree. His outside interests include coin collecting, fast cars, and sports, he is also still playing the guitar. He loves all types of modern music and is a great student.

Gia is now a college graduate and beginning her MBA Degree this Fall. She manages to juggle her education and still loves her dog show career. Gia now not only handles our own dogs, but handles various client dogs professionally. Her Best In Show, and Multiple Best In Specialty Wins give her the biggest thrill. Gia is a fierce competitor, but is always ready to lend a helping hand to other exhibitors. She loves everything about the shows, but nothing as much as the dogs themselves. Gia is as always a straight A student!

Our daughter Tori and her husband, Ron, had their first child, Jade Day, on August 23, 2004. She is so much fun to be around and loves her four legged buddies. As we said, Tori and Ronnie live close by now, and we get to see them on a regular basis. Oh how we enjoy spending time with Miss Jade who is getting so grown up - eight years old now how time flies! She is in second grade and just loves school! Tori teaches autistic children and she is also currently attending school to further her education. She has already completed a Masters degree. Ron is working full time and enjoying his family on the weekends. Oh, to be young again! The proud parents are enjoying every day to the fullest with their little angel, to say nothing of Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Michael and Aunt Gia.

Our dogs are part of our family and are raised in that manner. They are our cherished pets and live with us in our home. We are members of the Papillon Club of America and have served as volunteers on various committees to help preserve the welfare of this breed.

Papillons are an intelligent and delightful breed but are not for everyone. We have provided some articles of interest if you think this is a breed that interests you. Please read them carefully and enjoy our web site.

We are located in South Jersey, very close to Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, and Maryland. If you would like to chat about Papillons, feel free to call us at 856-875-0901 or e-mail us.

-Mike and Donna