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Our Papillons and Papillon Puppies share their home with their breeders, Michael S, Donna G. and Gia G. Garofalo. We have been training and showing our Papillons Breeder-Owner-Handled very successfully for the last twenty-eight years and have bred over 100 Champions including the Top Winning Papillon in Breed History, “Jackson.” Our Papillons are not only successful in the show ring but also shine in Agility, Obedience and Rally.

We at InVolo Papillons pride ourselves on our consistent quality, type, temperament, health and soundness. All of these attributes make our dogs wonderful show dogs and fabulous family pets.

InVolo Papillons occasionally has pet puppies as well as retired adults available to good homes. We are located in South Jersey and convenient to Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and New York.

If you would like an InVolo puppy for your very own, just click the puppies link below. Please remember to fill out our puppy application.

Recently,we began selling our favorite grooming products, Fraser Essentials, in the USA. These are the very best products we have found for our Papillons and what we recommend to keep your InVolo Papillon looking and feeling it's very best. To learn more about Fraser Essentials, please visit the Fraser Essential Logo below.

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